Monday, February 27, 2017

The Waking Fire (The Draconis Memoria, #1)The Waking Fire by Anthony  Ryan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Category: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Content: Strong Language, Implied Sex

Throughout the vast lands controlled by the Ironship Syndicate, nothing is more prized than the blood of drakes. Harvested from the veins of captive or hunted Reds, Green, Blues and Blacks, it can be distilled into elixirs that give fearsome powers to the rare men and women who have the ability harness them—known as the blood-blessed.

But not many know the truth: that the lines of drakes are weakening. If they fail, war with the neighboring Corvantine Empire will follow swiftly. The Syndicate's last hope resides in whispers of the existence of another breed of drake, far more powerful than the rest, and the few who have been chosen by fate to seek it.

The Waking Fire is the first book I've read by Anthony Ryan and I must say that I really enjoyed it. The world building was good and the magic system was interesting. It reminded me a bit of Mistborn with the whole ingesting a substance to gain the magical ability thing. I liked the combination of magic and steam with guns thrown in as well, and of course the dragons. It kind of had an old west feel to it at times.

The book is broken down into three different character points of view, and it alternated between them with each chapter. One thing I really liked were the cliff hangers at the end of a lot of them. It really kept me reading. There were a couple of times that I just had to skip ahead to see what happened next!

I found most of the characters interesting with Clay being my favorite. Lizanne and Hilemore were also both likable, but Lizanne had to grow on me at first. And although I enjoyed reading about Hilemore's adventures just as much as Clay's and Lizanne's, we didn't get as much of him and it wasn't clear until well into the book what sort of role he would play in the grand scheme of things.

I would say the only draw backs were the book lagged in parts and also lacked a bit in character development. I still don't really feel like I know most of the characters as well as I would like to. I'm interested in finding out what happens next so I will be looking forward to reading more books in the series.

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