Thursday, June 1, 2017

The WindowThe Window by Jeanette Ingold

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Category: Young Adult
Genre: Mystery, Paranormal
Content: Clean

Mandy survived the terrible accident that killed her mother, but she was left blind and alone. Now she lives with relatives she doesn't know, attends a new school, and tries to make friends--all the while struggling to function without sight.

Her unpredictable life takes its strangest turn when she begins to hear the oddest things through the window of her attic room. In fact, what she hears--and seems to "see"--are events that happened years ago, before she was even born. . . .

I enjoyed this book. The main character, Mandy loses her mother in a car accident and also loses her sight. She goes to live with relatives that she didn't know she had. While there she deals with her blindness and with meeting new friends and going to a new school.

Mandy chooses the attic room on the third floor of her aunt and uncle's old farm house and soon she begins to hear voices outside her window that no one else can hear. I thought this would be on the creepy side, but it isn't creepy at all. The paranormal elements are like visions of the past. The window in Mandy's room is sort of a portal that lets her see back in time even though she is blind.

This wasn't a very long book, but it was a sweet story and I liked Mandy even though at first she could be a little prickly and grumpy. I thought it was realistic considering her situation and it wasn't overdone to the point that she pitied herself too much. I could sympathize with her instead of find her annoying. The friends that she makes in Hannah and Ted were also nice touches to the story and I was glad to see that there were no mean girls or high school bullies included in this book.

I liked the development of her relationship with her aunt and uncles and how she learned to trust them and let them help her. She learned that sometimes it's ok to admit that everything isn't alright.

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